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TIPS and information

Create Beat Patterns in your Mind

Listen to a Track you like. Then in your head, create another basic Beat Pattern to go over it, and loop it in your mind. Then practice Isolating and Popping Each Muscle to the Beat in your mind, over the funky track you were listening to. Creating Rhythms over Rhythms is good Beat Training.

What Music to Train to?

Train to Music that you LOVE and that MOVES YOU. Not Just battle beats, and the obvious. If it is your fathers Soul collection, or your Big Brothers Hip Hop Play List then so be it. What ever it is that you enjoy listening to on your Ipod when you are not dancing. This will add to your feeling for dance and music. Then aply these feelings you have towards your favorite music to you dance.

IMHO Phases a Street Style Dancer should go through

Posted on Facebook Whats Poppin Forum Feb 9th 2014

-LOVE OF MUSIC. gotta Love the music you dance to, listen to music you love day and night. Once you start loving this music, Your complete understanding of musicality will grow.

-SOCIAL DANCE: We never call it that in the hood, we never even said party dance (we got checked on that one) in NYC we said Rocking the Party or Party Rockin, Gettiin Down, Rockin, .ect.. But get in the clubs, Back Yard Boogs, Jams and Street Partyies/Block Parties and just Groove and Get Down with the Ladies and Vibe with your Crew. The 2 STEP concept is Street Styles in a Nut Shell, DO IT TO THE LEFT then DO IT TO THE RIGHT. Everything starts like 2 Step. FRESNO, TOP ROCK, PARTY ROCK, we do it to the left and right and in between we GROOVE and FREESTYLE and jump back in the 2 step. This will build your understanding of GROOVE, TRANSITIONING from One Step to Another, PACE, and more...
NOTE: Understand We get Yelled at for Teaching this! Because allot of OG's and People in the Hood in general feel your not supposed to teach how to Rock in a Party. You get in where you fit in...

FREESTYLE is the KEYSTYLE: All the OG's will tell you there BEST MOVES came from just FREESTYLING. Or if you ask an OG how he or she did that move that will tell you "I don't remember" That is the Highest Level in Freestyle IMHO.
Some Basic Freestyle Tips:
-Groove is the Real Power Move... Connecting to music with your Body is Gods Work.... Can't teach that you gotta feel that yall....
-Think about where you want to go AND DON'T GO THERE!,
-Become an Instrument on top of the Music and Play a Solo with your Body,
-Train all your Foundation HARD! And then throw it all away and just Get Down! lol
all of these work and more....

-STREET CRED: Pay dues in the Circles and in Battles. You don't need an event or promoter to tell you when to CIPHER and BATTLE!!! You can battle on a street corner with just 3 people watching. It is still a battle. Cipher with your Crew, and smoke any intruders that dare to step in your CIPHER. (true meaning of Ciphering yall) IMHO

-PERFORMANCE: Learn the Stage and how to use it, and how to Rock the Crowd. This element came in once Street Style Dancers started doing shows, we shared the stages with great performers and started learning quick. The hardest thing to do on stage is absolutely nothing! Understanding the technique of VOID. And you will understand how to perform better.
I was blessed as a kid to work with BILL ERWIN (vaudeville-style stage performancer) and he taught me allot as a kid about the stage... As well as Anne Marie Dangelo, Graciella Daniel, Trevor Nun, and more....


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Kyusyu Workshop 2014

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Okinawa Workshop

Okinawa was Great! The class was packed, and we drilled hard Popping and Grooving, did a great combination, and lecture on Hip Hop and Funk Styles. when in Okinawa visit Zephyr Studios, Home of Bitter Box Sisters (best Female Locking Duo) Also Haruki i is a Great Popper and Instructor.

Bua Paints Hip Hop

Justin Bua is probably the most well known Urban Artist on the planet. I am sure either you, or someone you know has a Bua poster on his or her wall right now. He grew up on the same streets as many original Hip Hop Icons like Frosty Freeze (RIP) and Ken Swift. And has lived the life of a New York Street Style Dancer and Artist. His paintings sell all over the world, and his client list is a who's who of the Music, Athletic and Political world. For this brother to honor me in such a way has touched me deep, because I never really look at myself as an achiever, but more as a person who is still striving to achieve. 

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