Is Dancing with the Stars getting away with Murder?

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I won't even tear in to the cats who stole this choreography from the Twins. You can all just log on to youtube and read the comments, to see the major disapproval from the real Street Stylers.

  So no Comment from SYTYCD?
This is a F%ckin Outrage. That these so called qualified judges could not even decipher the fakes from the ever growing and globally popular "Les Twins"
And people wonder why American Hip Hop is at an all time low.
The fact that they even allow so called Hip Hop dancers on the show is a crime, because they still don't know what HIP HOP dance is.
With all the money they make off the show, they can't even hire a real Hip Hop dancer on staff to at least tap one of them on the shoulder and  say "Hey Nygel, these two cats are Biters, that means Thieves in real English." We should take them out to the back and give them the ol once over twice.
If this were a stolen Ballroom dance piece Nygel and Mary would have been all over the thieves and probably blackballed them from the Industry!
 And the one judge who we trully depend on to Call these cats on what he saw is stuck between a Rock and a Hard place. You can see it on his face.
  And why No RESPONSE from the JUDGES on the SHOW?
Seriously people. This show and many others like it Do Not Give a rats behind about hip Hop Dance. If anything they are attempting to prove that Hip Hop is not Real Dance.  Comparing BBoys, Poppers and Lockers (and other street stylers) to other Dance forms in an Obvious Unfair setting. What I mean about this is, THE HIP HOP CHOREOGRAPHY ALWAYS SUCKS!  And rarely do they explain the actual Technique and Groove of  POPPING or explain that Breaking is not just Acrobatics, but  that there is a real dance in between thoese tricks, and that Locking requires viewing over 10,000 hours of reSoul Train reruns before attempting to fake the Funk. (that last one was a joke)
  Instead they choose to treat Hip Hop dancers like "Idiot Savants", "Wow! How do you do that?". As if Street Stylers are a bunch of jungle bunnies, and there is no need to explain any intelligence behind there dance and movement. The Judges  just simply go "ooh" and "aah" Clap and Laugh out loud as if they just went to the Circus!

  So what do we do about it? Not much we can do,mainly because the budget in SYTYCD does not include hiring real HIP HOP Judges to weed through all the "Street Jazz" and "Cheer Hop" Dancers calling themselves HIP HOP.
Any person trying to learn what real Street style Dance is should dig much deeper than these biased TV shows. Seek out crews like: the Lockers, Electric Boogaloos, Elite Force, Rock Steady Crew, Willie Marine Boy Estrada, Dance Fusion, House of Ninja ect. All original groups from each main street style. Start hitting real HIP HOP and FUNK STYLE events around the world. Yes there is politics in every aspect of Street Culture. But the level of dance is so high that you will forget all about the Trick-knowledgy and enjoy our culture in it's purest form. When you witness  Pure BBOYS, LOCKERS, HOUSE Dancers or POPPERS get down, you will not just see them Dance, you will Feel them Dance. Dancers who study Hip Hop and funkStyles should get the Meaning behind the MOVE and the Feeling behind the GROOVE. Hip Hop is a cultural Revolution of Street art forms from Writing (graffiti), MC's (Rappers), Dancers and Dj's.
The Revolution will not be Televised
Rest in Peace brother Gil Scot Heron