Sound Effect Dancers
Sound FX Showcases in HIP HOP are only Cool if you can Back it up with Freestyle, and Real Battles under your Belt. =/

  I might very well be the first Street Styler to Rock the whole Sound FX Solo Showcase style. lol
Hip Hop Legend Mr. Wiggles in France

    But I never meant it to be a Dance Style! I Just had an idea to Rock Cool Hydraulic sounds with my Hydraulic style of Robbotin. So as a Musician, I created that classic Hydraulic Robot sound by Sampling a Blender and adding a short cropped Snare sound at the end of each Hydraulic.  And yes we did Sound Effect style performances in the past in off Broadway shows like "Jam on the Groove". But again this was done by the Top BBOY/POPPERS/FREESTYLERS of NYC of the late 80's.
So again i strongly believe:
"Sound Effect Showcases are only Cool if you can Back it up with Freestyle"
Now with that said.
HIP HOP and FUNK STYLE Dance is based on FREESTYLE.
It was created by Freestylers, and will always be a Freestyle Dance. Freestyle is the Reason why we even have Breakin, Popping, Rocking and Locking. It came from Cats in the streets just Vibing and Grooving to the Music. (and mistakes!) Funk, Soul, Latin Soul, Funk-Rock, Dance Hall, R&B, and more. "It All Started in the Streets!" Not the Studios!" Street Dances are still being created in the Streets! Jukin,  Jittin, the Dougie, the Get Lite, Flexin, Krumpin, and more. Street Dance is not created in the Studios. The only thing happening in the Studios is cats Rehearsing moves that were created on the Streets. The only way to get props from Street Style Dancers is in the Streets! Not Youtube, Not Commercial TV and Movies. If your name does not ring bells in the Hood. Your name does not get Respect in the Hood. The only thing you will get in the Hood, Is Robbed for being on TV so much. lol Jokin....

"What's gonna happen when we run out of Sound FX?
Soon Enough you will be forced to actually DANCE"

I believe IMHO the reason why So called Street Dancers are Dependant on Sound Effects so much is because:
1) Pre Set Moves get you "Easy Props"
2) To Get Jobs
and the Big One. Drum Roll Please............................
Thats right, cats spend allot of time perfecting Street Moves to the point where there is absolutely no room for ERROR. But Total perfection of a move takes away from the SOUL of a Dancer! IMHO
"In Street Styles, Perfection is in the Imperfection"
I know this because I used to be one of those Dancers. I always over rehearsed my Moves to the point where they always looked the same!
I soon realized that the most Important part of my MOVES was actually the SET UP!
So long as I Freestyled my Dance Before my Moves (or in-between my MOVES) it changed the Dynamics and Feeling of my Moves every time I did them.
But most of today's Dancers are so caught up with Precision, that there is no room for Actual DANCE, FUNK, SOUL or FEELING. Unless you consider the emotional BOY BAND Look on there face while there imitating words to a SONG. FEELING? =/
  And since were on the topic of dancing to every Lyric, Please ask one of your teachers to Freestyle to an Instrumental he or she has never heard before, AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS =/

Freestyle is the Key-Style and Mistakes make Moves. Once you embrace Freestyle, there is NO SUCH THING as a MISTAKE. It's all part of TAKING the RISK, and the Connection to the music is what Drives a real HIP HOP/ FUNK STYLER/ STREET STYLER.
When the CD SKIPS, JUMPS or SCRATCHES what should you do? =O
If it Skips "We Skip with it!" If it JUMPS "We Catch the Beat" and if it Scratches "we dance to the mutha F%&ckin Scratch!" lol
And if the Music stops all together. we make the crowd SOUL CLAP and we Keep THROWING DOWN! lol

So ask yourself, how effective are your MOVES with No Sound Effects?

When dancers make the choice to go the Sound Effect Route, they are basically giving up there Quest for Learning and Mastering the art of Street Style Dance, and compromising there integrity simply to gain more Applause, and accolades from the mainstream Dance Events (In the words of a friend I met in Toronto WOD ;) Events that Promote the "CELEBRATION OF MEDIOCRITY!"

If your a student of Any Street Style, (be it Locking, Popping, Freestyle, Street Jazz, House, Vogue, or even Krump and the Cat Daddy) Please ask your teachers to give you proper direction in learning the foundations of each style they claim to teach. So that you will have a real future in these dance styles. Ask your teacher who created the dances they claim to teach? Where did the dance Originate, and what is the proper foundation for these particular Dance Styles. Then as a good student should, go on your own quest and research and compare notes! Don't settle for anything less than the truth.  And don't be swindled by fake teachers and choreographers who have no knowledge of the dances they are exploiting. If you call yourself a Dancer, then MASTER YOUR CRAFT!

Why should I or any other OG care? This is not just a Dance that we love, it is our Culture, our life! It is the same Dance that Took Kids like myself off the streets away from Drugs and Murder and showed us a more positive and Creative way of Living.
So  for anyone Teaching these ideas (Sound FX Dance) is basically enforcing to students that  they don't have to work hard and learn there Craft, but instead, they can simply put Half Learned moves with bad Street Jazz to any sound Effect and gain instant Success. This is what we call "FAST FOOD DANCE" And at the end of it all what has the students gained in knowledge? What is the Foundation of Sound Effect Dancing? When these same dancers eventually start to Teach, what will they teach? More Street Jazz disguised as HIP HOP? No Freestyle? Will they have actually learned real Popping? Locking? Breaking? Wacking? ect...  The answer is a definite NO!
Yet these people will be the teachers that will end up spreading bad foundation and history to the next generation of so called HIP HOP/ FUNK STYLE/ STREET STYLE Dancers. =/

No Offense but after a visiting some of these events, this is what allot of Showcases sound like
What's Sad is that a Dancer is probably gonna see this and do a Showcase to it =/
What is Freestyle? "The Lockers"
The History of HIP HOP
If your Teacher has not told you about the Move "WILD STYLE"
then they are not teaching you real HIP HOP DANCE and Culture.
Wild Style (Last Scene) Where Rap (MCs), Graffiti writers, DJs and BBoys were all on one stage together. This is Hip Hop Culture in 1981