Each one Teach one
Original Ghetto Outreach to the Streets

  Now that you got what you wanted from HIP HOP, how are you gonna give back? =/
photo by: ?? Marta Cooper or Henry Chalfaunt
please respect the photos yall!

    Plain and simple, Each one Teach one is the original street concept for what is now known as "Out Reach". Most Out Reach done today is done through government programs that allocate funding for a non for profit organization to reach out to communities through culture, arts, and education. But in HIP HOP we have been doing this since day one! In our circumstances as children in impoverished neighborhoods, we learned from older cats how to survive through hustle, street art-forms and other aspects of struggle and survival.  And we simply pass it on. Young kids would see me throwdown in a park jam. Next thing you know there is a knock on my door and about 7 kids asking me to teach them! No money, no dance studio, just a bunch of ghetto kids practicing on the concrete! Eventually Dance and Hip Hop culture as a whole has been a way of survival in hoods across the globe. So every student Crazy has ever taught since childhood, was opportunity. And till this day cats like Crazy Legs teach kids from the ghetto streets who are hungry for an aggressive dance form that will emulate the courageousness of a street fight. These kids now earn a skill outside of the possibilities of drug dealing and gang warfare, to help keep there minds off the street and on there skills.
Outreach like this is priceless! And you don't need a government agency to do this! It's simple,
visit your local inner city
find a community center
hold a free workshop of some sort
find the serious kids that have exceptional talent, and take them under your wings.
This is how Real Hip Hop gives back to the communities that created it!

Note: If your a studio owner, it would serve you and the community best, if you align yourself with a social program that deals with at risk youth. Not only would you be  helping society, but you will develop great raw talent, and fulfilling childhood dreams.

   Now do note: Outreach is Gods Work, it is an act of selflessness. So there is no Bragging and boasting of the sort. And the only reward is seeing a young street kid grow in his art. This is your personal way of giving back, so the best compliments should come from people you help and not yourself. IMHO Bragging of your good deeds will only tarnish the concept of giving. But do spread the concept worldwide of  giving back to the inner cities within your communities.

Interesting fact: Most Gangs in the 60's and 70's (in NYC we called them OUTLAWS) Started out helping the community. And even during the era of there worst street
behavior, many gangs still played a major role in giving back to the communities. And till this day most ex gangsters are part of social programs to help inner city youth.

 Cats like Crazy Legs, Alien Ness, Snap Pop and Rock, Easy Roc, K Mel, Rock Steady Crew, Fabel, Electric Boogaloos, Poe One, Ralph (Dynasty Rockers), Willie "Marine Boy" Estrada, Elitie Force and so many others have been doing this on the regular. Sure we pay our bills from workshops and touring. But on your off time, it does not take much effort to find some young students from the hood who really need Hip Hop in there lives and just simply guide them. Give them the skills and opportunities, then tell them, the rest is up to you.

More to come on this articel soon.