20 Questions for 1981 Mr Wiggles

  When Mr Wiggles hit 15 years of age, he was a top street styler, running the ghettos of New York looking for someone who could give him a challenge. Fabel and Wiggles became ghetto celebs on the strength of there skills, but most of all, there hunger for battles. Wiggles was cocky and brash, and like most Bronx BBoys , he liked to battle cats on there own territory in front of there own crowd and against all odds. If we were to interview wiggles in 1981, it might go a lil something like this =/
photo by: ??? Whats your name, and where are you from?
WIGS 81: Rek aka Mr Wiggles, Boogie Down Bronx. Whats your favorite park Jams to go to?
WIGS 81: Forrest Projects, 52 Park, Tin Tin Projects. What Crews throw the best Jams in your area?
WIGS 81: The L Brothers, Cold Crush, Flash, Bambatta. What BBoy crews do you represent?
WIGS 81: Rock Steady Crew's Electric Company (Fascinatin Force MC's) do you write? (Graffiti)
WIGS 81: Rek TC5 (the cool 5), P.A.R.T.Y. (public artist rockin the yards), the O.A.O. (one and only), FBA (fast breakin artist), UB (united bombers). How did you get your name?
WIGS 81:  My boy Seen prez of TC5 gave it to me at A&D (Art & Design Highschool) Who are some of the people (Graffiti Writers) you go to school with that we know of?
WIGS 81: Seen, Doze, Fabel, Lady Pink, Mare, Erni (Paze), Gil (Sizer), Web, Phade, Weebles, Kaze, Python, Quazar, Conan. Those are just some. Why do you like to battle?
WIGS 81: Same reason why i like to fight. How do you know if you won a battle?
WIGS 81: When the dude i'm battling wants to kick my a$$. How do you know when you lost a battle?
WIGS 81: Taha, funny, next question. Who are your favorite dancers now (1981)
WIGS 81: Get Loose Bruce, Spy, Crazy Legs, Mr Freeze, Suga Pop, Fabel, Pex, Lock a Tron John, Ken Swift, Kool Kieth (activity), Lil Lep. Who would you like to Battle today?
WIGS 81: A cat I keep hearing about called "Mail Box". Never seen him before, But sounds like he nice. What is your favorite battle you had recently?
WIGS 81: Me vs Kool Kieth (activity) at Bruckna Roller Rink. GM Caz said i won. Whats your favorite kicks to dance in?
WIGS 81: Suede tip Adidas, But they get messed up quick. Whats your favorite battle you and Fabel had?
WIGS 81: Wigs and Fabel -vs- Kietch and Jessie (Harlem Pop Lockers) at the Roxy. Whats your Mission in Hip Hop Dance?
WIGS 81: Bounce from Hood to Hood, and Blast cats on there own Turf. Any message for your street dancers?
WIGS 81: Practice hard, It's not a joke. What do you think about Street Dancers that do Hip Hop choreography?
WIGS 81: It's coo as long as they Battle. What do you think about Battle of the Year, Freestyle Sessions, and BC one?
WIGS 81: WTF is that! These are huge BBoy Battle Events that will happen 25 years from now.
WIGS 81: As long as they got allot BGirls in the house, it's coo.