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  Museum of science, art, invention, technology and fantasy in its South Bronx location from 1978-1993. In the early 80's a gallery in the South Bronx offered there space to Graffiti Writers and BBoys/BGirls to present Hip Hop Culture. They featured Graffiti Gallery's with famous wroters like Crash, Lee, Daze, and even famed Pop Artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. Located on 2803 Third Avenue near 147th Street, Deep in the South Bronx Hood. So many Hip Hop Heads would hang out there including Rock Steady Crew. It became a Hub for the downtown scene to meet and chill with the wild Bronx BBoys, and get a taste of the new Hip Hop Culture that was about to take the world by Storm. On one day they created an art Maze out of card board boxes, all the writers showed up and started tagging all over the place. It was an ill day for Writers.

I personally witnessed a quick battle between Grand Mixer DST and the late Buck 4 (RIP) Right outside the door of Fashion Moda. Beats were coming out from inside, and then Buck 4 dropped and did fast footwork, DST dropped and did his classic 70's style, they both went about 3 rounds each for fun. Being a party of the early stages of Hip Hop, it was a blessings to be there and build with all the up and coming superstars of Hip Hop. We also hung out one night for graffiti artist LEE to present his new Canvas, Through out the night several fights from rival writers took place outside, and everyone was getting High. DJ cutting Breaks. One of the coolest nights of Hip Hop in my memory. Everyone who was there during these times will tell you it was one of more important places that helped bring Hip Hop to the forefront withing the art community.

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Bua Paints Hip Hop

Justin Bua is probably the most well known Urban Artist on the planet. I am sure either you, or someone you know has a Bua poster on his or her wall right now. He grew up on the same streets as many original Hip Hop Icons like Frosty Freeze (RIP) and Ken Swift. And has lived the life of a New York Street Style Dancer and Artist. His paintings sell all over the world, and his client list is a who's who of the Music, Athletic and Political world. For this brother to honor me in such a way has touched me deep, because I never really look at myself as an achiever, but more as a person who is still striving to achieve. 

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