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  Most people will believe that I am not an Industry Dancer. This is far from the truth. Me and my peers helped create the Hip Hop dance industry. We just apply a certain street code (morals) and Less compromise to the game. But as we learned early on. the more you lean on Hollywood. the more you will be consumed by it's politics.
Self empowerment in Dance is vital. While studying and perfecting dance. Work on becoming your own Brand. By doing this you reverse the tables. For 1: You will become Independent from the Industry and Not Dependent on there Low a$$ wages.
2: Instead of you hounding agencies and Auditions. They will hound you!
how to do this?
now a days it's easier than you think!
-DANCE FOR THE LOVE OF DANCE!: Never forget this. When you truly dance for the Love, Music and Rhythm, pay your Dues on the Streets and Dance Floors everywhere you go, and the rewards will come as you grow. "But Be Patient"
If your Goal is only to become a star on TV or to be a  video dancer?
Then this article is not for you.

- BATTLE! In all Street Styles. Street Credibility is a MUST! Don't be one of those People who never paid dues in the Ciphers, or Battles.  AND DON'T BE A BACKYARD BATTLERS WHO ONLY BATTLES WITHIN THE SAFETY ZONE (safety net) OF THERE LOCAL AREA. These are the most sorry cases, because they have no Goals in Dance, and they will become the future HATERS of people who actually accomplish things in Dance and Life. Make sure you see the world and get down everywhere you go!

-STUDY THE HISTORY OF ALL STREET FORMS: Become a "Knowledgeable Resource" of styles and moves. People will come to you with questions about dance. And you will help spread the movement by sharing what you have learned about it's origins. This Will also help you in obtaining your goals as a real Street Styler, because the respect level you will gain will be important when all arrows point towards the Resource.

-SKILLS: We live in a new dance world. Even if you don't like other street styles. Study every form of street dance and other styles as possible. and stay Busy in LEARNING YOUR CRAFT!  Many Moves and Styles are innovated by Street stylers who study other things. Versatility in today's modern StreetDance world Breeds Innovators!
But! If you don't know how to POP, LOCK, BREAK, FREESTYLE, HOUSE, GROOVE, and your not willing to study all. then this message is not for you.
Also Polish those skills by staying competitive, and work more on FREESTYLE and FLOW, rather than Memorizing Combinations. Keep your combinations shorter and your Freestyle long.

-INTERNET PERSONALITY: create accounts on everything from YOUTUBE to ITUNES! BLOG, MESSAGE INFORMATION and IMIX your favorite songs on iTunes. There is never enough of this. do at least 3-5 info blogs, twitter, youtube video on dance, ect.. SELF PROMOTION, IS THE BEST PROMOTION! Nobody can explain You better than YOU.

HUSTLE: Dancers are already physical work-aholics. So we are natural hustlers.
I prefer being a hustler over a business man.
-Business people get paid off of other peoples hard labor. =(
-A Hustler gets paid off there own Hard Work.
Wake up early, go to sleep late
Steady on the grind, keeps food on the plate.

-BECOME A DANCE SOCIALITE!: Hit every dance event, possible. both commercial and underground. Then Blog, Youtube, Forum Blast, and share your experiences, and love of DANCE with the over all community. People must know you, and like you, and want to work with you. But be sincere about it,  the streets can see right through falseness. At the end of the day, it all comes down to my first lesson. Dance for the love of it!

-ALWAYS PREPARE NEW DEMO REEL'S and BIO'S: print/duplicate 50-100 copies a month! and MAIL ALL, IMMEDIATELY AFTER DUPLICATION! do not leave them sitting on a shelf collecting dust! open a phone book and look up everyone from DANCE COLLEGE COORDINATORS - TO DANCE STUDIO OWNERS IN EUROPE! you will create a BUZZ on your name and better work odd's by shipping big quantity.

-CAREFULLY PICK WHAT AUDITIONS YOU SHOW UP TO! and don't jump on every gig you land from an audition. make sure the movement enhances your style and what you believe in as far as dance. DON'T COMPROMISE! people will respect you more if they see you stand for something. and at the same time don't be arrogant about your beliefs. create an aura of honesty, and respect for all styles and beliefs. But stick to your guns!

-NEGOTIATE! don't jump on every offer. find out the going rates. consult with industry professionals about fee's. if your not sure. do your research before you go into negotiations. knowledge is power. and self respect is more important than allowing yourself to be PIMPED and HUSTLED. remember. directors are given outrageous budgets for dance in films. but they will offer only a fraction of that money to dancers because they known that they will always find a dancer that will accept lower pay. sad but true..

TEACHING is LEARNING: teach. if your a beginner. teach other beginners for free. and as you grow, find your home in a nice studio. and teach often. Allot of your jobs will come from your name spreading around town through your classes. and it is common for theater companies, and industry heads to come through dance studios looking for teachers to choreograph up and coming events. students who take your class will also be an important voice for creating your BUZZ. and when you teach, don't spoon feed. try and challenge your students in every class! you might get slightly lesser students. but you will create better dancers. and those dancers will credit YOU for teaching them where ever they go.

BRAND YOUR NAME and SLOGAN: that's right make your name flow with your style and create a slogan that you say in class and where ever you go. and as your name grows, publish, promote and e blast both together. then comes the website, and the tee shirts ect.. if they don't sell, give them away. what's more important is that people know who you are, and they attach a slogan that you believe in to your name. Your not really trying to be a clothing store. Your trying to create more booking opportunities.

this and more coming soon

to buy into who you are and what you stand for.
and for me that's the best feeling as a professional dance

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