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Gilbert, Arizona, March 6th

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Mr Wiggles "Arizona" Workshops

- 6pm: Popping/Boogaloo/52 Pops: Roman Twist, Shadoe Boz, 52 Pops, Toy Man, Boogaloo Rolls, and more...

- 7pm: Top Rock & Drops: All New original Steps and Drops, The Dracula, Jailhouse Handstyles, 1977 drops, and more

- 8pm: Hip Hop/Party Rock/Webo: Bionic Man, Electric Boogie, Sput Glide, Dale Webo, Tick bounce, 52 Bounce, Bacl Step, Box Step.

- 9pm: LAST MAN STANDING HIP HOP ALL STYLES BATTLE Register at Juke Box Studios! Walk in Only!

-PLACE: The Juke Box 2401 E. Baseline Rd. Suite #98, Gilbert, Arizona 85234, (480) 529-9509

- Package Deal (all classes) Crew Rates Available Discounted.

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Mr Wiggles GHETTO MADE "The Formula"

Wigs Ghetto Made "The Formula For Hip Hop" Sweater
For: All Street Stylers BBoys/BGirls/FlyGirls and Fly Guys.
Available only in Asia (will be in USA soon)
Color: Light Gray (Flocking), Black.
Size: M / L / XL
Model:Super Dino (world famous KOD Popping champion) 黄景行
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【Wigs Ghetto Made Brand】 Steffan Clemente Wigs Ghetto Made "The Formula For Hip Hop" Sweater Color: Light Gray (Flocking), Black. Size:M/L/XL Model:Super Dino Huang Jinghang Get Them At POPLOCKBOX x NEWSCHOOL BOX 2014 Hip Hop legend Mr.Wiggles personal fencing and personally in charge of the street independent brand "Wigs Ghetto Made" six elaborate preparations, globally oriented publicly listed as of today!

Mr.Wiggles will in the future all of his own love for HipHop culture and philosophy into "Wigs Ghetto Made" brand to design, and then also rolled out his most adept at graffiti-style costumes so stay tuned! First sale clothing is specialized for all Fly Guy&Fly Girl, Bboy&Bgirl design called "The Formula For Hip Hop" hoodie.


Sittin - Levels - Shootdowns - Tricks Blowups - Knee Slide - Technique -  and MORE!


Jailhouse Pop - King Tut - Magazines - 52 Pops - Styles - Poses - Speed - Freestyle - Groove - More...


Groove - Technique - Drills - Moves - Foundation - Footwork - Styles - Hard Popping - and More!


A Young Mr Wiggles (early 80's)

At this point in dance I was heavily influenced by Suga Pop and Pop-n-Taco. They were my 2 main teachers. I was using allot of Suga Pop style Ground Moves and Pop-n-Taco's Animation. And my King Tut style was based on the wrist roll Tuts that Suga Pop taught me. Don't get it twisted, there is allot of me in there. But My teachers EB Family raised me and taught this Bronx Puerto Rican very well. I knew from this footage that I was on my way to the top, and Unstoppable. My Battles became more easy and less rounds, cats would quit by rounds 2 and 3. I was Crack Head Skinny!!! lol but it made my moves look more fluid and slick. I was always quick like from my BBoy days, so getting into ground moves was easy. And I was surrounded by the best of the best from NYC to CALI. 

Thank you to all my teachers. 

TC5 (the cool five) Rockin Argentina

  Met up with my TC5 brotha ZEAR ONE out in Argentina. And we did what any true Hip Hop head from our generation would do. We Rocked a Wall! In the same spot where I taught Classes at. It was like an abandoned tri level parking lot or something. The space was Raw, and we Painted the original way, as if we about to get Busted! With Hasted and No time to Waste. Music was playing fresh mixed Breaks, we to Breaks to post up for the camera, dropped knowledge on the local street style dancers, and had a blast! Writing (graffiti) has always been the ultimate social media for Hip Hop since day one, Black Books were like Mac Book Pro's and a Pen, Marker, Paint were tools of expression, but to have an authentic tag style and master piece skills was of utmost importance to gain respect. Your Signature was your DNA. We can tell what City/Borough your from, what crew you write for, your teacher, or who you bit style from, we can look at a persons Signature and determine if he was legit or fake. And with that said, Enjoy this video of 2 Real Nuhggaz from NYC who laid foundation down and paid mad dues.


More Bounce remix by Mr Wiggles 2013
Original BBoys Mix by Mr Wiggles late 80's

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Reimi RSC Crew

Throwing Down

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Tokyo Class

Killer Kids again!

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Sendai Japan Class

Kids were Rockin!

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Kyusyu Workshop 2014

Class in Kyusyu was off the Chain! Click the link and see: 

Okinawa Workshop

Okinawa was Great! The class was packed, and we drilled hard Popping and Grooving, did a great combination, and lecture on Hip Hop and Funk Styles. when in Okinawa visit Zephyr Studios, Home of Bitter Box Sisters (best Female Locking Duo) Also Haruki i is a Great Popper and Instructor.

Bua Paints Hip Hop

Justin Bua is probably the most well known Urban Artist on the planet. I am sure either you, or someone you know has a Bua poster on his or her wall right now. He grew up on the same streets as many original Hip Hop Icons like Frosty Freeze (RIP) and Ken Swift. And has lived the life of a New York Street Style Dancer and Artist. His paintings sell all over the world, and his client list is a who's who of the Music, Athletic and Political world. For this brother to honor me in such a way has touched me deep, because I never really look at myself as an achiever, but more as a person who is still striving to achieve. 

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